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Chrome Plating Chemistry

Hard Chrome Plated RollsChromium plating demands increased efficiency and process control, at the lowest possible operating cost. Hunter Chemical LLC can help you meet these objectives with the use of our Hard Chrome Catalyst HCA-50™ and other chrome plating chemicals.

Hunter Chemical produces two types of catalyst chemicals used in Chrome Plating: non-fluoride concentrated catalyst HCA-50™ designed to deliver optimal efficiency as well as enhanced coating properties in functional (hard) chromium baths and fluoride-based HCA-80™. Hunter is also developing a PFOS and PFAS-free fume suppressant for use in functional (hard) chromium, decorative chromium and chromic acid anodizing baths.

Hunter Chemical distributes chromic acid in multiple package options from inventory locations across the United States and Canada.

  • Non-fluoride Catalyst HCA-50™
  • Fluoride-based Catalyst HCA-80™
  • Fume Suppressant, PFOS & PFAS-Free (in development). Contact Hunter Chemical for latest news updates.
  • Chromic Acid Flake
  • Chromium Trioxide
  • Barium Carbonate

Hunter Chemical now provides compelling reasons to take another look at your chrome plating operation:


  • Full, free lab support, both at time of HCA-50™ initial charge and at all times during operation of the bath, including bath efficiency rates and catalyst results.
  • Chromic Acid, in stock, competitively priced, and with multiple packaging options.
  • Fume Control HCA-9.3, PFOS & PFAS-Free (in development). Contact Hunter Chemical for latest new updates.

HCA-50™ Catalyzed Chromium

  • As a liquid drop-in, HCA-50™ is easy to use and control
  • Excellent plating efficiency means reduced electrical expense
  • Reduced plating time maximizes production rate
  • Wide operating range makes simple use for personnel
  • Improved coating properties lead to higher hardness
  • Seamless conversation without charging new tank

PFOS & PFAS-Free — Fume Control HCA-9.3™ (in development). Contact Hunter Chemical for latest news updates.

Lab and Customer Support

  • Bath make-up instructions and process parameters
  • Free initial bath analysis before the first add
  • Free lab packs, results (including bath efficiency rates and catalyst results), instructions and process recommendations
  • Logistical support
  • Multiple stocking points across the U.S.

The Hunter Chemical Advantage

When you work with Hunter Chemical, our competitive prices will allow you to save money, and our lab and customer support is tailored to each customer’s needs in order to help increase efficiency. 

Lab Report

Detailed, free lab reports provide clear directions on bath additions.

Fume suppressant in a bottle used for chrome plating

Hunter Chemical is developing a PFOS and PFAS-free formulation.

Testing equipment for chrome plating

Thorough testing and quality procedures support your plating operation.

Low dusting chromic acid used for chrome and decorative plating

Hunter Chemical supplies low-dusting chromic acid for hard-chrome and decorative plating.






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