Hunter Chemical is an ISO9001:2015 certified supplier of nickel, cobalt and chrome based raw materials used in various industrial applications. Our specialties include nickel powders, nickel flake, thermal spray consumables, chemicals for chrome plating, and cobalt-based chemicals. We ensure that all of our products meet our customer needs and quality standards. Contact us today and a member of our team will assist you with any questions you have.


Alumina Titania Powder

Ammonium Heptamolybdate


Barium Carbonate


Cadmium Ball Anodes (A-A-51126B)

Cadmium Oxide (A-A-50800A) 

Catalyst – Non-fluoride Chrome Catalyst HCA-50

Catalyst – Fluoride-based Chrome Catalyst HCA-80

Chrome Oxide Green HCR400

Chrome Oxide Green HCR404 (Dark green)

Chrome Oxide Green HCR410 (Yellow shade)

Chrome Oxide Green HCR460 (Blue shade)

Chrome Oxide Green HCR418 (high IR)

Chrome Oxide – Thermal Spray

Chromic Acid Flake (A-A-55827)

Chromic Acid Solution

Chromium Powder

Cobalt Acetate Crystal

Cobalt Carbonate Powder

Cobalt Chloride Crystal

Cobalt Chloride Solution

Cobalt Metal (Cathodes, Rounds and Granules)

Cobalt Monoxide (CoO)

Cobalt Nitrate Crystal

Cobalt Nitrate Solution

Cobalt Oxide (Co3O4)

Cobalt Powder

Cobalt Sulfate Crystal

Cobalt Sulfate Solution


Fume Suppressant – PFOS & PFAS-Free HCA-9.3 (in development).  Contact Hunter Chemical for latest news updates.


Manganese Phosphate Coating Solution HC-1050


Nickel Acetate Crystal

Nickel Acetate Solution

Nickel Bromide Solution

Nickel Carbonate Paste

Nickel Carbonate Powder

Nickel Carbonate Powder – High Purity

Nickel-Chrome Metal Powder

Nickel Flake Grade NF50

Nickel Nitrate Solution

Nickel Oxide Black (Ni2O3)

Nickel Oxide Green (NiO)

Nickel Powder Conductive Grade AH55C

Nickel Powder Grade AH50

Nickel Powder Grade AH410

Nickel Powder Grade AH440

Nickel Powder Grade OH900

Nickel Powder Grade OH902S

Nickel Powder Grade OH903

Nickel Powder Grade OH1000

Nickel Sulfamate Solution


Potassium Iodide


Rochelle Salts (Sodium Potassium Tartrate)


Titanium Dioxide






ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System Certified by DEKRA Certification, Inc.


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