Metal Finishing - Ni, Co, Cr

Chrome Plating Solution

Hunter Chemical supplies industrial chemicals used in chrome plating. We produce two types of catalyst: non-fluoride concentrated catalyst HCA-50™ designed to deliver optimal efficiency and enhanced coating properties in functional (hard) chromium baths and fluoride-based catalyst HCA-80™.  Hunter is also developing a PFOS and PFAS-free fume suppressant for use in functional (hard) chromium, decorative chromium and chromic acid anodizing baths.

Hunter Chemical distributes chromic acid in multiple package options from inventory locations across the United States.

  • Non-flouride Catalyst HCA-50
  • Fluoride-based Catalyst HCA-80
  • Fume Control HCA-9.3, PFOS & PFAS-Free (in development).  Contact Hunter Chemical for latest news updates.
  • Chromic Acid Flake (A-A-55827)
  • Chromic Acid Solution
  • Barium Carbonate


Cobalt Chemicals – Plating and Alloy Additives

Hunter Chemical manufactures Cobalt Sulfate Solution, Cobalt Chloride Solution, and Cobalt Nitrate Solution for metal finishing processes, mining, and feed additive applications.


  • Cobalt Acetate
  • Cobalt Carbonate
  • Cobalt Chloride Solution
  • Cobalt Metal – Cathodes and Rounds
  • Cobalt Nitrate Crystal
  • Cobalt Nitrate Solution
  • Cobalt Sulfate Crystal
  • Cobalt Sulfate Solution

Nickel Plating – Electrolytic and Electroless

Hunter Chemical stocks and supplies Nickel Acetate, Nickel Bromide, and High Purity Nickel Carbonate in multiple forms and package options, at inventory locations across the United States.

  • Nickel Acetate Crystal
  • Nickel Acetate Solution
  • Nickel Bromide Solution
  • Nickel Carbonate Powder
  • Nickel Carbonate Powder – High Purity
  • Nickel Carbonate Paste
  • Nickel Metal
  • Nickel Nitrate Solution
  • Nickel Sulfamate

Manganese Phosphate Crystal
Manganese Phosphate Coating Solution


Purple metal solution being poured from a beaker

Hunter Chemical is developing a PFOS and PFAS-free fume suppressant.  Contact Hunter Chemical for latest news updates.

Packaged Chromic Acid in drums

Well stocked inventory means quick shipments. Chromic Acid, shown here, is also available in hard-to-find 25 kg drums.

Nickel solution in blue drums sitting on wood pallets

Strict quality control procedures mean consumers can have confidence in products shipped by Hunter Chemical.






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