Nickel Powder – for Welding Consumables and Galvanizing


The OH series of Nickel Powders is produced through a hydrometallurgical process, also known as Hydrogen-Reduced or the “Sherritt-Gordon” process. Nickel is precipitated under high pressure and temperature to create a spherical shape with a “cauliflower” surface. Hunter Chemical further processes the raw material, employing screens and other separation methods into particle size ranges for diverse applications.

Chemical Analysis: Element Specification Typical
Nickel 99.8% min. 99.90%
Carbon .1000% max. .0560%
Cobalt .0050% max. .0030%
Copper .0010% max. < .0001%
Iron .0300% max. .0230%
Phosphorus .0005% max. < .0002%
Sulfur .0500% max. .0280%
Zinc .0010% max. < .0001%
Apparent Density: 3.2 – 4.5 g/cm3
Morphology: Near spherical shape with mottled surface
Packaging: 25 kg plastic pails
Custom packaging available upon request
Grade OH902S -60 +170 or +200 mesh
Grade OH900 -170 or -200 +325 mesh
Grade OH903 -325 mesh
Equivalent to Nickel Powder user under Pratt & Whitney PWA1324, Canada Pratt & Whitney CPW224, and U.S. Military USAF 67A60753A Type P4
Grade OH1000 -60 mesh

Contact Hunter Chemical for detailed Sieve Size analysis.

Custom sizing available upon request.

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Grade OH902S (shown here), a Hydrogen-Reduced elemental powder, is suitable for welding / brazing alloys.

Contact Hunter Chemical for prompt availability of all OH Grade products (Grade OH900 shown here).

Special Packaging is available for all OH Grade products (OH903 shown here).


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