Nickel Powder – for Welding Consumables and Galvanizing


The OH series of Nickel Powders is produced through a hydrometallurgical process, also known as Hydrogen-Reduced or the “Sherritt-Gordon” process. Nickel is precipitated under high pressure and temperature to create a spherical shape with a “cauliflower” surface. Hunter Chemical further processes the raw material, employing screens and other separation methods into particle size ranges for diverse applications.

Chemical Analysis: Element Specification Typical
Nickel 99.8% min. 99.90%
Carbon .1000% max. .0560%
Cobalt .0050% max. .0030%
Copper .0010% max. < .0001%
Iron .0300% max. .0230%
Phosphorus .0005% max. < .0002%
Sulfur .0500% max. .0280%
Zinc .0010% max. < .0001%
Apparent Density: 3.2 – 4.5 g/cm3
Morphology: Near spherical shape with mottled surface
Packaging: 25 kg plastic pails
Custom packaging available upon request
Grade OH902S -60 +170 or +200 mesh
Grade OH900 -170 or -200 +325 mesh
Grade OH903 -325 mesh
Equivalent to Nickel Powder user under Pratt & Whitney PWA1324, Canada Pratt & Whitney CPW224, and U.S. Military USAF 67A60753A Type P4
Grade OH1000 -60 mesh

Contact Hunter Chemical for detailed Sieve Size analysis.

Custom sizing available upon request.

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Magnified image of Grade OH902S Nickel Powder used for welding and brazing alloys

Grade OH902S (shown here), a Hydrogen-Reduced elemental powder, is suitable for welding / brazing alloys.

Magnified image of Grade OH900 Nickel Powder

Contact Hunter Chemical for prompt availability of all OH Grade products (Grade OH900 shown here).

Magnified image of Grade OH903 Nickel Powder

Special Packaging is available for all OH Grade products (OH903 shown here).






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