Nickel Powder Grade OH903

For Thermal Spray, Friction Materials, Hot Dip Galvanizing, and other applications

Product Description

Grade OH903 is a fine nickel powder produced via hydrogen reduction, with additional processing to yield a product which is -325 mesh. OH903 can be used in various industrial applications such as thermal spray consumables, friction materials, superabrasives, hot dip galvanizing, chemical feed stock, additive manufacturing (AM) and more. It is equivalent to nickel powder used under Pratt & Whitney PWA 1324, Canada Pratt & Whitney CPW224, and U.S. Military USAF 67A60753A Type P4. Contact us for data, pricing, and no-charge lab samples.

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Common Uses:

Sintered Metal Brakes


Grade OH903 (alternatively Grade OH900) is mixed with other raw materials to form sintered metal brakes used by off-road vehicles, heavy industrial, and motorcycles. Nickel Grade OH903 can improve the quality in these cases.

Hunter has other nickel powder products used in friction material and superabrasive applications. Click here for information on Grade OH900 and here for information on Grade AH50.

Galvanized guard rails installed on the side of a road

HOT DIP Galvanizing

The high surface area of Grade OH903 leads to more efficient use of nickel compared to other nickel powders more commonly used in the industry. If you have a large project, using Nickel Grade OH903 is a better option.

Hunter’s Nickel Powder Grade OH902S is commonly used by hot dip galvanizers too. Click here for additional information

Product Specs

Chemical Analysis

Element Specification Typical
Nickel 99.80% min 99.90%
Carbon 0.0500% max 0.0374%
Cobalt 0.0050% max 0.0020%
Copper 0.0002% max <0.0001%
Iron 0.0200% max 0.0073%
Phosphorus 0.0003% max <0.0002%
Sulfur 0.0300% max 0.0200%
Zinc 0.0002% max <0.0001%
Lead 0.0010% max 0.0001%
Arsenic 0.0010% max 0.0001%
Silicon 0.1000% max 0.0088%

Screen Analysis

Particle Size
Sieve Size
(ASTM E11-87)
(microns) (by weight %)
+ 53 + 270 mesh 0.7%
+ 45 + 325 mesh 16.5%
+ 37 + 400 mesh 17.2%
+ 37 + 400 mesh 65.6%

Apparent Density (Typical)

3.2 – 4.5 g/cm3


Near spherical shape with mottled surface


250 lb fiber drums; 4 drums per pallet
Custom packaging available

Nickel Powder OH903 at 500 times magnification
OH903 at 500x mag: 240 x 192 µm

Microtrac (from a typical lot)

D10 20.33 µm

D50 35.22 µm

D90 55.94 µm

Hunter Chemicals Nickel OH903 Microtrac
OH903 Microtrac – Click image to enlarge

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